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Nikon D600 - amateur photographic camera for a professional price.



September 13, 2012.
Today, exactly one month after I started thinking about it, a new camera was introduced, and if I have to say my impressions, disappointment clearly prevails. It was caused, as usual, by human greed.

As I wrote in ►previous article, the price of this body should be between 30 - 37 000 CZK including VAT. It would be very far-sighted: it would still be significantly more expensive than the Nikon D7000 (CZK 22 700), from which it is based, and there would be no competition in its own ranks. At the same time, the limit of CZK 40 000 would not be exceeded, which has a significant impact on customer decisions. A large number of sold pieces would then reliably offset the lower profit, and in addition, all these new ones would have to buy lenses ... no way. Like peas to throw on the wall, our ancestors used to say ...

50 000,- CZK!!! Such is today's price, including VAT at FotoSkoda. In addition, there were 47 000 there this afternoon ... waste of words. I'm sorry I was in my ►previous article wrong, when I wrote, that now a camera with a sensor the size of a 36 mm film frame could be much more affordable ... nothing like that. And I'm even more sorry if I gave some of the many hundreds of readers the impression, that they should buy the D600 ... Consumption demands sacrifice and company profits. What if Nikon's board cut its salary by 1%? But no, they prefer to create all sorts of advertising tricks and twigs and thus make people feel, that they just have to have this or that (the master in this colossal demagogic lying is, for example, Apple).

Conclusion: I will not buy a Nikon D600. It's overpriced and hasn't even gotten rid of the ►videogismos, which I do not need and do not want. Canon now has the opportunity to attract customers with its 6D, which should be a direct competitor to the D600. But given their current pricing policy (hoard money!), when the price of the basic lens with variable focus skyrocketed after reworking, which was basically a return to the original, simple design, almost 100% higher, it really can not be hoped ...

P. S.: I don't know, who photographed for Nikon product photographs of D600, but most have a touch of yellow. The photograph, which I present here as an illustration, is already color-matched and tonally adjusted, it was really impossible to look at it ...

© Martin Mojzis, 2012.
Photograph: © Nikon Press International.

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