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A pair of Laminates before a night trip, headed by 240 044-8.



April 11, 2023.
Summer days and nights at the railway tracks in central, northern and western Bohemia.

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Photographic camera Nikon Z7II.


Nikon Z7II.

Lens Nikon Nikkor Z 24 – 70mm f/4 S.


Nikkor Z 24 – 70 mm f/4 S.
Nikkor Z 70 – 200 mm f/2.8 VR S.

Circular photographic filter.


Schneider Kreuznach B+W MRC Nano UV Master 72 mm.
Schneider Kreuznach B+W MRC Nano UV-Haze XS-Pro 77 mm.
Schneider Kreuznach B+W MRC Nano Käsemann Circular Polariser XS-Pro 77 mm.

Photographic tripod.


Manfrotto 055 PRO B, tripod head Manfrotto 141 RC.

Work car of the Railway Administration MVTV 2-099 during a shift in the station. A pair of 742 series diesel locomotives, headed by 742 729-7. A passenger train rushes to Beroun. Working train headed by locomotive 740 804-0. Yellow small engine train 914 035-1 from a bird's eye view. Locomotive 386 003-8 Metrans at the head of the freight train. One of the first morning trains. Passenger train led by locomotive 193 294. Passenger train 440 004-0 Jaruska passes under the footbridge. Red and white locomotive 383 058-5 Unipetrol in the head of the freight train. A road excavator adapted for driving on rails. Locomotive 372 013-3 during machine travel. Locomotive 362 127-3 in the head of a passenger train. Meeting of passenger trains. Locomotive ER 20-001 at the head of a freight tank train. A pair of 742 series diesel locomotives, headed by 742 729-7.

© Martin Mojzis, 2023.
Photographies: © Martin Mojzis, 2022.

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