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December 4, 2017.
First of all, I would like to thank all those, who have visited my site. You are getting more and more and I am very happy about it. About your messages too.

The biggest changes occurred in galleries ►Fine Art Photography. ►Different Landscapes and ►Diaries are now divided into several smaller periods. It was not chosen arbitrarily. Gallery Different Landscapes naturally divided according to my life stages, individual experiences. Their names will tell you more. At the Diaries, I felt the need to organize them even more on the calendar. So now every gallery contains photographies from one half of the year.

The most important change, however, is in photographs. They were not simply taken from the previous site, as it might seem on a first look. Each photograph was reviewed in full resolution, some edits made, and then edited to publishing on site. It was mainly about Different Landscapes. The way of original processing is important for Diaries, so I have been the least involved in these photographs.

Due to the many years of cooperation with a large photobank, which cares very well about my photographs, another photography archive on my site would be extra. Photographic school now does not have time to do it as it should be. However, it is not excluded, that Photography Archive and the School of Photography will appear again on the site.

In galleries of ►Professional Photography and ►Graphic Art some examples have been added, others have been modified, like in Fine Art Photography galleries. Otherwise, there was no major change.

Graphic design of the site is my work. I felt that everything should look very calmly, classically, nobly. But I'm not sure, that the rather turbulent, stormy circumstances, in which the pages were created allowed me to fully sense their true, pure form. That is why it is possible, that there will be some development.

The site is far from complete. Typography, graphic elements, ... many more will need to be refined, elaborated, modified. However, I did not want to postpone the release anymore - even though their creation lasted for over a year. Among other things, I expect a complete translation into English and at least a brief translation into the German language ...

They will rest. In archives and backups, as testimony of almost ten years of life. Nothing will be deleted or forgotten.

If something did not work, how does it have ...
... please write to me, I'll fix it. I'm neither a technician nor a programmer, and mistakes can occur.

Allow me to conclude one wish: if you like my work and come to you, even if only a little while, you would like to write it to me, please do it. It does not matter the form, the way, the style ... it is not essential. For me, it is extremely important to know, that my work is appealing and enjoying to you.

Enjoy the new site!

© Martin Mojzis, 2017.

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