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New station building in Ceska Lipa.

Railway stations Ceska Lipa and Doksy.


Night from February 16 to 17, 2018.
The main railway station in Ceska Lipa has undergone extensive reconstruction. A brand new station building was built, while the original one was not demolished or even left to its fate, but on the contrary very well repaired. The station is not electrified and, thanks to the missing webs of the overhead lines, feels openly and comfortably. The air temperature was slightly below zero. The creative atmosphere was also helped by the ever-growing, slightly frosty fog. Its white clouds moved and created the special color artifacts, that are well visible in some photographs.

In Doksy, the lamps only shine towards the track, so the upper floor of the station building is almost invisible.

I was again very satisfied with my gear. The flawless Live View mode, clean, faithful and accurate colors, precise white balance, all made me feel joyful (rather full of enthusiasm) and great inspiration. Therefore, the photographs are only minimally edited, in short, it was not necessary.

It's been more than a year, since I photographed only with Canon's gear and I'm still more and more happy with it. With my Nikons, colors and white balance were often a great deal of trouble, and the search for the right ones often mean long hours in the atelier in front of the screen, moreover with uncertain results. I have edited and tried thousands of RAWs from a variety of cameras and after almost two years of experimenting and searching I can safely say, that the most accurate colors and white balance have Canon and Leica cameras. As well as the overall character of the image, the contrast and the detailcontrast.

All photographies are (as always) in Kodak ProPhoto RGB color space, 48-bit color depth, digitally developed from Canon's 48-bit RAWs.

Order these photographs on thick glossy photographic paper in A4 format (29.7 x 21 cm / 11.7" x 8.3"), so-called Sheets from the Archive. For more information please visit the page ►Buy a print.

Photographic camera Canon EOS 80D.


Canon EOS 80D.

Photographic lens Canon EF-S 18 - 55 mm 1:3.5 - 5.6 IS II.


Canon EF-S 18 - 55 mm 1:3.5 - 5.6 IS II.

Photographic circular filter.


Schneider Kreuznach B+W MRC Nano UV-Haze XS-Pro 58 mm.

Photographic tripod.


Manfrotto 055 PRO B, tripod head Manfrotto 141 RC.

Platforms on railway station Ceska Lipa. A exit from a subway on railway station Ceska Lipa. The modern railway station Ceska Lipa. The unfinished exit. Railway station Ceska Lipa. Rails and foggy night. Railway station Ceska Lipa. An tripod on the platform. Railway station Ceska Lipa. Mark Stop on both signal lights. Railway station Ceska Lipa. Red rays of light in a foggy, frosty night. Railway station Ceska Lipa. Platforms and tracks. Railway station Ceska Lipa. Symetry of platforms. Railway station Ceska Lipa. Machine of a lift. Railway station Ceska Lipa. A truly magnificent facade. Railway station Ceska Lipa. The original station building. Railway station Ceska Lipa. A historic wooden railroad car. Railway station Ceska Lipa. Railway station Doksy from the northwest. Railway station Doksy from the southeast.

© Martin Mojzis, 2018.
Photographies: © Martin Mojzis, 2018.

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