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Photograph of the new book.



June 26, 2020.
My author's photographic monograph was completed on June 22, 2020. This concluded a long and extremely demanding pilgrimage, that lasted almost three years.

Given that the book will not be officially introduced until the autumn of this year, nothing specific can be revealed at this time. So just general things:

Introductory and accompanying texts were written by the mayor, a guide in one of the monuments and historians of the city archive.

The photographs were taken almost exclusively with Canon photographic cameras and lenses. In the interiors, I always worked with available light to capture the atmosphere of the space as faithfully as possible. Due to the often border lighting conditions, advanced methods of folding exposure rows and local adjustments were used to extend the dynamic range so that bright, radiant windows and dark, shady nooks were always exposed in accordance with the artistic intention. Source photographs from edited RAW files were further edited in 48-bit TIFF ProPhoto RGB, the highest quality that can be used today. Such a large and rich range of colors and tones then had to be converted into a limited, narrow print space of 24-bit TIFF Coated Fogra CMYK without a significant shift in color and tonal rendering of photographs.

Photograph of the new book open.

So much for an introduction in a nutshell. When you have the opportunity to view the book, I will write in detail about the artistic intention, its development during the creation of the work and much more.

The book will be inaugurated to the public this autumn on the occasion of City Day. We will announce the exact date in time, well in advance.

© Martin Mojzis, 2020.
Photographs: © Martin Mojzis, 2020.

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