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A view of the place, where the Vltava canal Vranany - Horin flows into the Labe. Melnik.



April 18, 2022.
Above the confluence of the Vltava and the Elbe, surrounded on three sides by the Dolnooharska, Jizerska and Stredolabska tables. An area already inhabited in the Neolithic, at the end of the 10th century the stone castle Melnik was built, which is given to the princesses and queens as a dowry. The famous wine center, a major railway junction and river port.

Founded: 1274, population: 20 000, altitude: 215 m, region: Stredocesky.

Photographic camera Fujifilm X-H1.


Fujifilm X-H1.

Photographic lens Fujinon XF 16 – 55 mm 1:2.8 R LM WR.


Fujinon XF 16 – 55 mm 1:2.8 R LM WR.

Circular photographic filter.


Schneider Kreuznach B+W MRC Nano UV-Haze XS-Pro 77 mm,
Schneider Kreuznach B+W MRC Nano Käsemann Circular Polariser XS-Pro 77 mm.

Photographic tripod.


Illuminated tower of the town hall. Melnik. Square Miru, view to the east. Melnik. Houses on square Miru. Melnik. Houses on square Miru, on the left the house U Zlateho hroznu. Melnik. City hall arcade. Melnik. A close up view of the front door of the Regional museum Melnik. Svatovaclavska street. Melnik. View to Zamecka street. Melnik. Houses in Svatovaclavska street. Melnik. Zamecka street. Melnik. A monument to Karel IV. Melnik. The church of st. Petr and Pavel and chateau Melnik. Confluence of the river Labe with the Vltava. Melnik. Bust of Viktor Dyk by sculptor Josef Jilek. Melnik. Intersection of Svatovaclavska, Na Vyhlidce and Vinohrady Karla IV. streets. Melnik. View of the Vltava canal Vranany - Horin. Melnik. On the far left of the Labe, first the main course of the Vltava flows in and on the right then the Vltava canal Vranany - Horin flows. Melnik. The windows of the chateau restaurant. Melnik. Maybe the narrowest door on Melnik. Melnik. A play of light and shadow on the windows of one of the houses in Vinohrady Karla IV. street. Melnik. View from Josef Straka bridge on the river Labe and houses in Rybare street. Melnik. Already partially flooded trees at higher water level in the Labe. Melnik. The Villa Karola, Melnik chateau and the church of st. Petr and Pavel. Melnik. Facade of house no. 11 in Rybare street. Melnik. View from the Josef Straka Bridge on the river Labe, a small port and houses in Rybare street. Melnik. Containers and ships in the Melnik port. Melnik. The Melnik port. Lodenicka street. Melnik.

© Martin Mojzis, 2022.
Photographies: © Martin Mojzis, 2021.

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