Martin Mojzis / Fine Art Photography and Graphic Art Atelier.
Airliner on a meadow. Photograph with title MEADOW WITH WHITE CHAIRS.


DECEMBER 26, 2012.

The airplane in the photographs served as a reconnaissance plane during the Cold War, checking Czechoslovakia borders with Germany or Austria for possible "trespassers."

Today it stands abandoned on a meadow behind the village. Occasionally members of the local flight club gather in it, birds nest in the engines, but most of the time he rests quietly on his massive undercarriage, bravely braving the time, heat and the cold, the rain and the snow.

Although the socialist regime abused the aircraft, it does not change the fact that it was, and still is, a remarkable work of human hands. When I first saw it, I was entranced by its size, by the hard-to-describe loneliness, and by the peculiar absurdity of an abandoned airliner standing on a meadow behind the tiny village. A fascinating, extremely photogenic artifact, inspiring and unforgettable ...

Airliner door. Photograph with title ENTRY TO THE CLOUDS. Front lights of the airliner. Photograph with title SPOT LAMPS. Part of the engine of the airliner. Photograph with title PART OF THE HEART. Bird nest in the engine of the airliner. Photograph with title BIRD'S HOME. Lamp of the airliner. Photograph with title EYE OF THE WING. Front part of the airliner. Photograph with title ON THE WEST ALMOST OVERCAST. Second tank. Photograph with title SUBMARINE THAT PERHAPS FLEW. Second tank from behind. Photograph with title BEHIND THE SUBMARINE. Airliner cabin. Photograph with title MEMORIES. Rear part of the airliner. Photograph with title ANCESTRY OF SURFACES. Front part of the airliner in the view from bottom. Photograph with title CURVES. Airliner window. Photograph with title WINDOW TO CLOUDS. Airliner on a meadow behind the village. Photograph with title BEHIND THE VILLAGE.

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