Martin Mojzis / Fine Art Photography and Graphic Art Atelier.
Burdock fruits, in the background a tree trunk and a teapot. Photograph with the title THISTLES AND KETTLE.



This collection of photographs arise in a difficult period of 2006 year. An independent atelier was at the beginning of its existence and it has been associated with many physical and intellectual barriers that had to be overcome, and at least don't lose the essential lightness and detachment, so necessary for the inspiration and creation.

Mostly black and white photographs are exclusively in the traditional format of 40 x 30 cm on a glossy photographic paper. Besides the above factors reflect primarily the hope and firm belief in overcoming all difficulties:

"I felt that it was primarily unification, joining with forces of nature, that will help me to bear sometimes grueling everyday life and still keep my head a little bit high. I was looking for, and, to my immense surprise also found, rules and regularities in the simpliest storylines and circumstances. Most frequently Vltava river in Troja and the Emperor Island in Bubenec, in winter so deserted and seemingly insignificant, have become the stage for the brilliant performances, unspeakable and full of crucial findings. Island become for me fatal in the best sense of this word, and so it will stay forever, no matter what happens in the future ..." (Assuming here the construction of wastewater treatment plant, which this fascinating place between the two river arms totally devastated) ...

2017: Wastewater plant build is in progress. Island has been devastated. So many beautiful, old trees dredged excavators from his roots. Many photographies here, eg. WAITING or SILENCE, are the last ones to capture this exceptional place in its original form ...

Tire lying on a meadow. Photograph with the title WAITING. Metal chairs and tables on a terrace. Photograph with the title BRAWL. Light and waves on the river surface. Photograph with the title GAME. Books leaved outside on a large stone block, sometimes snow. Photograph with the title BOOKS. Ice-covered twigs of a plant. Photograph with the title ICE FLOWER. Photographic camera lying on the window frame. Photograph with the title MASTER. Fast passing train, winter snowy railway station. Photograph with the title NIGHT EXPRESS. A group of objects similar to high-backed chairs, one inverted. Photograph with the title LEAVE. Rubber gloves floating on the water surface in the tub. Photograph with the title FLOATING. Twigs of bushes and dark sky. Photograph with the title AGAINST HEAVEN. River, clouds and golden light. Photograph with the title SILENCE. The trunks of two trees curled in an embrace. Photograph with the title PASSION. Branch lying on the frozen surface of the river, sunlight. Photograph with the title BRANCH AND ICE. Oak leaf frozen in ice. Photograph with the title IN ICE. Waterfall in the creek, large stones. Photograph with the title WATERFALL. Twig of bush and wire fence mesh. Photograph with the title IN THE FENCE. Reflection of a wire fence on the surface of a puddle. Photograph with the title IN THE FENCE II. A brick factory chimney and a brick building in the view from bottom. Photograph with the title HIGHER.

This gallery contain original photographies, hand made and signed personally by author. All photographs can be purchased in many different sizes. Only three prints will be produced and released for sale from each photograph in this collection, leaving the fourth as non-negotiable to the author. Due to the smaller format, please ►ask for prices. For more information please visit page ►Buy a print.

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