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Large format, five meter (197 inches) wide photograph of the large, snow covered quarry by the river in winter. Fine Art large format photograph LANDSCAPE BY THE QUARRY ALTERED. Photographer Martin Mojzis.



The quarry in Klecany, almost three quarters of a kilometer long, snow covered somewhere, is reflected on the surface of the Vltava River, which has already left Prague and is heading north, where it will finally join the Elbe. The quarry changes the landscape, but at the same time allows you to see all the layers, through which the river has drilled its valley for many millennia. The cold colors, the snow and the calm, undisturbed effect of the unusual place are the main determining factors for the atmosphere of this giant photograph called Landscape by the quarry altered.


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Name of the photograph: Landscape by the quarry altered.
Author, copyright owner: © Martin Mojzis.
Year of origin: 2013.
The largest possible dimensions: 500 x 80 cm (197" x 31").
Printing technique: Chromogenic pigment print.
Limited edition: Yes.
Number: Ten + one author's.
Signed: Yes.
Certificate of Authenticity: Yes.

The photograph originated several weeks, not counting the previous months of considerations. These are several smaller images, which are then combined into one large photograph. This ensures a perfect rendering of all elements and details. The quarry, which is more than 700 meters long, was first photographed by the method of creating partial photographs from places approximately 100 meters apart. The aim was to mitigate the effects of parallax as much as possible. However, there were frequent mistakes when composing photographs, because Adobe Photoshop primarily counts on photographing from one place while rotating at the center of the optical system. In the end, this procedure was necessary to create individual photographs. After a long and demanding work, we finally managed to put all the partial photographs exactly into the one.

The photograph is five meters (197") wide and eighty centimeters (31") high. It will stand out best in large, not very fragmented modern spaces, both corporate and private. To get the overall impression, it is good if it will be possible to observe the photograph from a larger distance.

The photograph is published in the limited edition, when only ten prints will be made and released for sale to the whole world. The eleventh, not for sale, remains to the author.

For an additional fee, we offer adjustment on a solid base, as well as framing (Larson - Juhl, Nielsen, etc.) and its transport anywhere in the world. To protect the photograph during transport, we provide the production of custom-made, very durable wooden packaging, which is directly intended for moving works of art.

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