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Marianska Tynice in winter, the railway track and field in the foreground. Fine Art large format photograph Testimony of the past ways. Photographer Martin Mojzis.



Space. With this one word, we can characterize the photograph Testimony of the past ways. The now-disused railway line in the foreground, a field, the monumental baroque area Marianska Tynice, but here as a witness in the background and again a space, partially terminated by the hills in the distance. The symbolism of human journeys that did not always lead to where they were supposed to, Santini's work, i.e. the embodiment of light and space, which remain here as a reminder that is always open to return. All this in the frosty early evening of a January day, the coldness of which only seemed to intensify the wrong decision. And at the same time the shining light on the walls of the Tynice, again as always the open possibility of return.

Marianska Tynice with the pilgrimage church of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary is the former rectory of the Cistercian monastery Plasy in Marianska Tynice near Kralovice in the Czech Republic. The work of Jan Blazej Santini-Aichel is one of the highlights of the Baroque architecture in the Western Bohemia. The entire area is the national cultural monument.


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Name of the photograph: Testimony of the past ways.
Author, copyright owner: © Martin Mojzis.
Year of origin: 2022.
The largest possible dimensions: 130 x 82 cm (approx. 51.2" x 32.3").
Printing technique: Chromogenic pigment print.
Limited edition: Yes.
Number: Five + one author's.
Signed: Yes.
Certificate of Authenticity: Yes.

The photograph is one hundred and thirty centimeters (approx. 51.2") high and eighty two centimeters (approx. 32.3") wide. It consonances with classic and modern interiors, corporate or private. Due to the large space shown, it also stands out in atriums and halls, for example. For the greatest impact, it requires enough free space around itself.

The photograph is published in the limited edition, when only five prints will be made and released for sale to the whole world. The sixth, not for sale, remains to the author.

For an additional fee, we offer adjustment on a solid base, as well as framing (Larson - Juhl, Nielsen, etc.) and its transport anywhere in the world. To protect the photograph during transport, we provide the production of custom-made, very durable wooden packaging, which is directly intended for moving works of art.

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Marianska Tynice with the pilgrimage church of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary.

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