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Nikon Df silver.



November 5, 2013.
After stupid videohybridisation (for crazy act crazy words, so) and copying others, Nikon is finding itself finally.

New Nikon Df combines the best of the nearly century era of photographic cameras. Gorgeous, classical body, personally I prefer the silver version. The sensor from the D4, clean drawing even at high sensitivities, the ideal reportage camera. But not only - just as portrait and landscape when photographing in high definition, is not a problem to create a multirow combined photograph, that surpasses the quality from the most expensive digital backs. Thus, except for cleaner colors with 16-bit AD conversion, of course.

Nikon Df black, rear side.

Price for body only is now approximately $2.750. Since only semi-professional determination of the body it is quite a lot, but the price decrease will probably not last long.

Nikon Df silver, front view.

But the best new is the removal of "ability" to create movies and related, nonsensical videonips. In their place came back photographic controls. About the beautiful metal wheels, setting the exposure time, the sensor sensitivity, etc., not to mention.

Nikon Df silver, top view.

Sadly, until a sharp drop in sales of compact cameras, Nikon forced to quit mount into the semi- and professional cameras fashionable, ill-conceived tomfooleries and create a truly valuable camera. Yes, you can rightly argue, that it is actually a D700 in a new body ... and you'd be right. But hand on heart - not even the appearance of our equipment what makes us, among other things, can inspire? Enjoying a beautiful thing, that is nice to take in your hand and capture the moments and places, close to our hearts.

P. S.: ... and is possible to connect a wire trigger – look to the little hollow in the shutter release button ...

© Martin Mojzis, 2013.
Photographs: © Nikon Press International.

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