Martin Mojzis / Fine Art Photography and Graphic Art Atelier.
Martin Mojzis – selfportrait.



"Photography is the way to the Light. Searching the Light is the way of my life."

Fine Art Photographer Martin Mojzis was born in Prague in the spring of 1973. In youth he composed music and lyrics, played many musical instruments, wrote poems and prose. Photography was fascinating to him later, but that's all the more. The first job he photographed just on film.

In 2006 he was with a help of friend ►Jan Pischnoth found his own photography and graphic art atelier (studio).

He began to photograph products, houses and interiors. He had a portrait period too, but it was not for him. He also continued created a graphic arts and typography, the first catalogues and other publications were created, designed websites etc.

At that time, during freezing months at the turn of 2006 and 2007 years, the first arts of his Fine Art Photograhs were born. At first collection ►Searching, after it Moments and Escapes. Compositions Blending and Searching 2010 later resulted in two most extensive collections: ►Different Landscapes and ►Diaries.

In 2021 the atelier celebrated 15th anniversary of independent creative activity. The Fine Art Photograhy is represented by large-format artworks, especially landscapes and still life. He create product photographies, pictures of transportation, especially railways, architecture and interiors. He is photographing industry, energetics and manufacturing processes. He design and create commercial graphics. ►His clients include dozens companies, a lot of of his works is published in many media.

In 2020, his author's photographic monography Trojice (Trinity) is published, dedicated to the three most important monuments in Melnik town. ►More.

On June 1, 2021, he opens his author's internet gallery of the Czech Republic called ►Patrium Bohemia.

Home page of the gallery of the Czech Republic Patrium Bohemia.


Trojice (Trinity), 2020, author's photographic book about the three most important monuments of Melnik city. ►More.
Melnik 2019, author's wall calendar.
Prague Corners 2014, author's wall calendar.


The Trojice (Trinity) is currently being published - a book about the three most important monuments in Melnik (Melnik City).
►Article at Melnik City site.
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Melnik monuments have their own book (Melnik daily).
►Article at Melnik daily.
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Don't know what to put under the tree yet? We have a gift tip for you (Channel M).
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Langhans Palace, Prague, 2014.
Flora Palace, Prague, 2006.


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