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Nikon Zf, front view.

September 20, 2023.
Nikon today introduced the new Zf digital camera, a device with classic look and controls and an image sensor the size of a 36 mm film frame. The BSI CMOS sensor consists of 25.28 million light-sensitive elements, of which 24.5 are effective. Due to the assumed low image noise at high sensor sensitivities, the device is particularly suitable for reportage photography in low light or at night, of course also for astronomical photography. If it is necessary to create a photographic image of larger dimensions, it is possible to use a function, that uses sensor displacements to create a photograph with a resolution of approximately 96 million pixels. This feature appears for the first time on a Nikon camera. The Nikon logo and the font of the device descriptions are identical to those, used by cameras manufactured in the years 1970 – 1980. The new Nikon Zf will be available in stores from approximately mid-October 2023. The retail price is approximately $2000 (no VAT) or 2500 € incl. VAT 19% (Germany).

Nikon Zf, view from above.

Here is a quick overview of the basic information:

Nikon Zf, rear part. Nikon Zf, rear part. Nikon Zf, vari-angle monitor. Nikon Zf with a lens. Nikon Zf, side view. Nikon Zf, bottom part. Nikon Zf, sealing.

Nikon Zf, sealing. Nikon Zf, new battery charger Nikon MH-34. Nikon Zf, various colours.

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Images: © Nikon, 2023.

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