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Little engine train 809 080-5 Czech Railways in the station.



March 23, 2024.
June days at the railway tracks in central and western Bohemia.

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Photographic camera Nikon Z7II.


Nikon Z7II.

Lens Nikon Nikkor Z 24 – 70mm f/4 S.


Nikkor Z 24 – 70 mm f/4 S.

Circular photographic filter.


Schneider Kreuznach B+W MRC Nano UV Master 72 mm.

Photographic tripod.


Manfrotto 055 PRO B, tripod head Manfrotto 141 RC.

Diesel-electric locomotive 753 717-8 (Brejlovec) Orlen Unipetrol transport. Diesel-electric locomotive T478.1146 (Frowned). Siemens Vectron 383 422-3 Metrans HHLA silver electric locomotive. Motor train 914 173-0 Czech Railways. A pair of electric locomotives of series 162 and 371, headed by 162 036-8 Czech Railways. Motor train 914 100-3 Regionova Czech Railways. Electric unit 471 018-2 City Elefant of Czech Railways. Electric unit 650 208-2 Regio Panter Czech Railways in the colors of the Pilsen region. Desiro Classic 642 013 Arriva diesel unit. Locomotive 362 052-3 Czech Railways at the head of the Berounka passenger train. Locomotive 371 002-7 Czech Railways at the head of a passenger train. Electric unit 650 207-4 Regio Panter Czech Railways in the colors of the Pilsen region.

© Martin Mojzis, 2024.
Photographies: © Martin Mojzis, 2023.

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