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Landscape with morning mists, Hazmburk hill (Klapy) in the background. Fine Art large format photograph Light of a new day. Photographer Martin Mojzis.



The morning landscape below the Hazmburk mountain, on the top of which the castle of the same name has been resting for many centuries, gives the impression of a gently undulating water surface. The slight impression of cold that the veils of mist wakes up disappears with the increasing warmth of the Sun's rays, which are already vibrating the air on the walls of the towers. Here, the boundaries of day and night, cold and heat, stillness and movement come together in the single image.


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Name of the photograph: Light of a new day.
Author, copyright owner: © Martin Mojzis.
Year of origin: 2021.
The largest possible dimensions: 130 x 81 cm (approx. 51.2" x 31.9").
Printing technique: Chromogenic pigment print.
Limited edition: Yes.
Number: Ten + one author's.
Signed: Yes.
Certificate of Authenticity: Yes.

The photograph is one hundred and thirty centimeters (approx. 51.2") wide and eighty one centimeters (approx. 31.9") high. It blends in with classic and modern interiors, corporate or private. It will stand out best in a darker, plain wooden frame on a smooth, dark gray wall. To get the overall impression, it is good if the photograph can be observed from a greater distance. For undisturbed acting, it is necessary to leave enough free space around the frame.

The photograph is published in the limited edition, when only ten prints will be made and released for sale to the whole world. The eleventh, not for sale, remains to the author.

For an additional fee, we offer adjustment on a solid base, as well as framing (Larson - Juhl, Nielsen, etc.) and its transport anywhere in the world. To protect the photograph during transport, we provide the production of custom-made, very durable wooden packaging, which is directly intended for moving works of art.

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